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The Winners Sweden get the Gould Medals from FIBs First Vice President – Stig Bertilsson, assisted by Mr Guo, Wang Long,
Per-Erik Holmström and the Local Chengde Girl, dressed in the Olympic Colours... it must be a sign...

*From FIB First Vice President Stig Bertilsson In the closing ceremony.

Stig Bertilsson, gave special thanks to the City of Chengde – and admitted that also FIB (Federation of International Bandy) has been worried to put the Women World Championship to Chengde, and do this first historic World Championship on the natural ice on a lake in the summer palace. It was actually over 70 years since the Swedish Final was played on a lake for the last time.  
However, coming here it was fantastic to see the warm atmosphere from the Chengde people, with all volunteers helping both the teams with their logistics as well as the whole administration. The handling of the Ice situation that not look good in the expectations but seeing both AST with their machine and the Skating Federation with their old school people with their ice experience working together, to get the ice as good as possible. On top of that a very good hotel in Sheng Yua Hotel with service and food in high class and a very nice and perfect sunny weather for Bandy that ended this tournaments last two days.
– I have to say that this was clearly also above my expectations, due to that some small things is not according to FIB standards, Mr Bertilsson declared.
– Therefore I want to thank especially three people – first Mr Guo, the President of Chengde Skating Federation, who has almost with own hands brought this WCS to become a reality, very much with many veterans but also a new generation people in his Skating Federation. Second Wang Long, together with Ms Yanschen, who in all matters secured and linked the World Championships all details and let all of us participants fell very comfortable with everything.  
– And third, last but not least, Per-Erik (Perka or Erica as you call him ) Holmström who dared to bring the Bandy Sport to Chengde and the first Bandy Winter Classic here 2015 that became the start for Chinese Bandy.
– Finally of course I have also been listening to the Olympic question and discussions and the hope of Bandy in the Olympics, already 2022 – and just add that it at least seems that China could be ready to handle it. We will also get a new test in Harbin where Mens WCS B-Group will be played 28 January to 4 February, and where the FIB congress will take place this year, Mr Bertilsson ended.  
- I am also proud to present the Medals in the Women Bandy WCS in Chengde 2018:
*Gould – Sweden
*Silver – Russia
*Bronze - Norway
- and the best players in the Women Bandy WCS in Chengde 2018:  
Best goalkeeper -– Linda Odén, Sweden
Best defender – Anna Widing, Sweden
Best midfielder– Olga Bogdanova, Russia
Best forward – Olga Rodionova, Russia
Best goalscorer– Susanna Simola, Finland
Most valuable player– Matilda Svenler, Sweden